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Live It Up – Lee Dewyze

Discovered Lee Dewyze today – really smooth sound, strong musical hooks, and great lyrics.  I guess he was on American Idol, but I stopped watching that show ages ago.  Glad I happened upon him tonight.

Really love the lyrics from his title track, Live It Up.
“You’ve only got one life
One life to live
I wanna give it everything I’ve got
Who knows? This might be it for us
So why don’t we live it up?
Live it up darling…”

And the best part, his album, Live It Up, is available for $3.99 today on Amazon.com.

I guess my connection with his songwriting and lyrics come into alignment with my #olw somehow.  He seems honest and really comfortable with living his life, all while describing it through his songwriting.  He talks about taking chances, love, regret, and life, and he speaks about all of it honestly.  It really resonated with me tonight.  Sometimes living an abundant life requires honesty and sincerity and sometimes it just asks that you Live It Up.

“Sometimes it’s hard to be,
Yourself in this crazy world,
Sometimes it’s hard to breathe.

If you could only just stop stop stop running,
If you could only take a second to breathe it in,
Everything that you know would be beautiful,
Like you…”
~Beautiful Like You by Lee Dewyze