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What I’m Reading & Listening To Tonight

A sound reasonable approach from Gwen Ifill.  I really like this woman.
Of Symbols and Meaning | via Gwen Ifill @ Washington Week

A great podcast about music that is relevant, digs deeper than the Top 40, and is well hosted.
iTunes Weekly Rewind | Podcast

A really short list, but mission critical in my opinion.
Five Things You Should Make Time for This Year | via Life Hacker

After talking to Lori today, I found the whole interview in 4 parts on YouTube.  I’ve shared the collection.
J.K. Rowling Interview | via Oprah

This beautiful piece from Miri Ben-Ari

And finally, The Happiness Project.  I started reading the book and honestly – this girl’s got something.  You should really check it out whether you think you’re happy or not.  There’s so much you can discover through this process.
The Happiness Project | Gretchen Rubin