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Christmas Eve at Lee’s

I have the most wonderful neighbor Lee.  She’s an older gal, but young at heart, with a quick wit and sharp tongue.  I love her like the grandmother I’ve never had.  We are the same in many ways, Lee and I.  We’ve both been married to rich men who treated us rotten.  We’ve both left those men in a manner than did nothing for our well being.  And we both love life and see great possibilities ahead of us, despite the struggles in our backgrounds.

For Lee, it means loving a wonderful man who she’s loved for decades (and only recently become free to “be with”), while struggling through the health troubles that come from being in her 80’s.  For me, it means preparing to love a man with reckless abandon, completely aware of the risks and the hurt that could come on the other side of the love.

And then there is Lee’s lovely daughter, Kimmy.  She’s a wonderful women who loves art and opera, and who is quite firm in her beliefs about the way the world should work.  And Lee and I listen to her stories and struggles from a similar perspective, both having been there – only Lee a little longer.  And I watch her take in our perspectives and grow, change, and consider new ideas.  Her future is so bright.  I love watching her realize that fact.

This is the second Christmas Eve I’ve spent with these wonderful women.  And in many ways, they are the family I’ve never had.  A grandmother and a sister.  Tonight there was great food, hilarious stories, and wonderful fun.  I wasn’t lonely tonight, because Kim and Lee were there to share the evening.  I’m incredibly thankful for my wonderful neighbors.  I am so hopeful that I get to know them more in 2011.  Here’s to wonderful neighbors and Christmas Eve.


December 1st

This December Daily project is amazingly fun and fulfilling, but I’m behind already.  What else is new?  But I’m a “good” behind, meaning that many special people and fun activities have been filling my days, keeping me from completing my pages.  The reason for my tardiness actually makes me really happy.  Without people and activities, I’d have no stories to put into my album.  So here’s Day 1… it turned out just as I’d hoped it would!

Gratitude Journal

Friday, November 26, 2010

  • So grateful for my mom & dad.  It’s so nice to come home and hang out with them.  Today was movies and dinner.  Yesterday a great dinner for Thanksgiving at the country club where I used to work.  The butternut squash soup was amazing.
  • The old-school orange reclining chair at my parent’s house.  It’s been around longer than I’ve been alive.  It’s not a fashionable color and it’s got a broken spring, but its a comfortable chair for TV watching, laptop using, and napping.
  • My wonderful friend L*, who is not only a fantastic massage therapist, but a wonderful person and a sound advice giver.
  • Funny, light-hearted movies like Morning Glory.