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Red Wine and Inspiration

The new show, Oprah Presents Master Class, is truly fantastic.  I’m was so inspired after watching the episode with Diane Sawyer.  I think you’ll be really inspired too so check it out.

I had two good bottles of red wine over the last week.  The first, was a Syrah from Cline vineyards ($10.99).  The second, a Petite Syrah from Crane Lake in California ($6.99).  I think I enjoyed the Syrah from Crane Lake more.  I really like to drink wine, most especially moderately priced bottles that most anyone can find in their local Wine & Spirits.  I’m going to start making closer tasting notes and sharing them here.

Cline Syrah 2008

Crane Lake Petite Syrah 2008

And now, an update on my Paper Whites.  No blooms yet, but so much growth!