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Project Food Budget: Week 7

Goal Budget: $40.00
Actual: $47.15

This was a pretty good week.  I think my favorite meal was this one: Lemon-Splashed Shrimp Salad.  I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, but I created the concept with what I had available.  It was delicious.

I was happy with my overall expenditure, too.  I spent a little more than I’d planned, but the total included $11.03 I spent on chicken, half of which I froze.  I also splurged on a few things that made the total what is was.

Splurges: Gazpacho Soup – $2.99, Ginger Peanut Noodles – $2.69, Almond Milk – $1.69, Chicken Sausage – $3.99, and a Georgia Peach – $0.59 (Delicious!).  I’m so glad I got things from the store this week that weren’t on my list.  They made the week a bit more interesting, and collectively put me only slightly over.  Spontaneous purchases = more exciting week.

Now that I’m planning for next week, I’m debating — should I make it a challenge week?  I’m going out of town briefly next weekend, so perhaps I should focus on using up things I have here and clearing out a little more, before I go away?  I think I’ll set both budgets, and then when I plan this weekend, I’ll go for the challenge number.  If I don’t get it, I won’t beat myself up.  Seems like a fun little twist.

Week 8 Challenge Budget: $20
Week 8 Budget: $30

Want to jump in where you are and get started with Project Food Budget?  Check out this link for all the details: http://emilylevenson.com/blog/project-food-budget/details.  There are some really great people participating in the challenge, so to learn more about the project, check out their efforts:

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Project: Food Budget Week 3

This was a great week!  I used a lot of the things I had on hand and started to develop my essential pantry list.  I’ve used one in the past, but have found that I purchased things I never used, even though they were “essential.”  So I’ve realized that I can create my own and that it can be exactly what works for me.

I shopped at Target and Trader Joe’s this week.  At Target, I bought toothpaste and sponges (which are expensive!).  At Trader Joe’s, I bought ingredients for a pizza and also some really great eggs, organic and cage free, which made me feel good.  I also bought myself flowers; they make me happy every time I see them and are totally worth the money!

Week 2 Budget: $30
Week 2 Actual: $31.17

Week 3 Budget: $30

I made a Thai Chicken Pizza last night and its was really very good.  It was my first time making homemade pizza from start to finish, though it was something we did often.  I went a little crazy with the flour and forgot to add the water to the peanut sauce, so it didn’t spread especially well, but it was delicious anyway!  So here’s my result:

My first attempt at Make at Home Pizza

And here is my recipe for the Peanut Sauce.  It’s so amazing, you could eat it on ice cream (just remember to add the water)!

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Project: Food Budget Week 2

Sometimes life gives you lemons and that certainly happened to me this week.  Upon returning home from my trip I found that my boyfriend had moved out.  Wow, that was unexpected.  So now I’m cooking for one person, which is something I really struggle to do.

In the past, I haven’t wanted to spend the time to cook anything fancy because I’m the only person here to eat it.  Plus, I don’t really know what to freeze and I’m not always crazy about leftovers.  So typically I just made simple things and oftentimes, I ate the same 4 things over and over.  And when I got tired of those 4 things, I’d order a pizza.

So this week, I’m going to concentrate on clearing out.  There’s a ton of food in my fridge, freezer, and pantry and its time to use it.  I’m going to set a budget of $30, with the intention of using up as much as I can.  I’ll cook, freeze, and eat leftovers.  And then I’ll refresh my kitchen with summer ingredients and get a little more creative in the kitchen.  I’ll also focus on building an essential pantry that’s more in line with my tastes, which have changed quite a bit from when I first starting cooking.  I’m looking forward to this.

Week 1 Budget: $100
Week 1 Actual: $80.55

Week 2 Budget: $30

I’ve created a listing of everything in my freezer right now, so I can start planning some meals to use up things that have been around for awhile (and have room for freezing summer berries for winter smoothies!).

Shrimp, Chicken, Pork, Sausage, Peas, 3 Steamfresh Veggies, Marinara Sauce, Leftover Soup from Week 1 (2 portions), Ravioli, 1 Burrito, Bananas and Assorted Berries, Cool Whip, Bread Crumbs, Texas Toast and Alcohol.

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To learn more about this project, I’d encourage you to check out the Details on Project: Food Budget here: http://emilylevenson.com/blog/project-food-budget/details

Turkey Carving Tips

A small collection of video’s on how to carve a turkey.  I’m definitely not an expert, but I know a few sites where I can find them!  Hope these videos help you make your turkey carving a success!  And for any turkey related questions, check out the great FAQ page on Lobels.com

Walt Disney Style – you might need to scroll down through their facebook page for the embedded video.

Whole Foods Style

Gardenfork Style – Do you know about Gardenfork.tv? Eric and his friends make ececltic videos on cooking, gardening and other fun things they feel like sharing.  It’s a DIY style site located at gardenfork.tv

Martha Stewart Style

Alton Brown Tribute ~ Recipe Page

Romancing the Bird – Thanksgiving With Alton Brown

These recipes are a sure fire way to a good Thanksgiving meal.  Not too fancy, not too difficult.  Check it out!  And if you have a chance to watch the entire Romancing the Bird Episode this year, don’t miss it!

I’ve created a playlist with the 4 parts of the show from youtube here!

Sweet Corn Bread Pudding Video

Sweet Corn Bread Pudding Recipe

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Tart Cranberry Dipping Sauce