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A Quick Look Back

Before I can properly address my own New Beginnings, I feel like its important to take a look back to 2010.  What lessons did I learn?  Where did I triumph?  What changes need to be made?  So here is 2010 in 10. . .

10. I found all kinds of success at work last year.  I came up with lots of creative new ideas and formed good connections.  I’m proud of the things I accomplished.
9. I formed a handful of new friendships last year with fabulous people.  I really care about my friends.
8. I tried to embrace each season for what it was.  It was hot, but I tried not to complain.  It was cold and I put on a sweater.
7. I learned that sometimes I need to turn off my rational brain and turn on my sensitive brain.  Sometimes saying how I really feel makes more of an impact than saying what I really think.
6. I’m proud of my blog.  It connects me to my own life and helps me make larger external connections.
5. I learned how fragile my mom really is this year.  And I’m not taking her presence on earth for granted.  Not for One. Single. Second.
4. I determined that I do want to get married and have a family.  This was a big determination for me.  I’m not rushing to make it happen, but I’m happy to know it’s something to look forward to someday.
3. To that end, I got back into the dating world.  And it feels good this time, like I’m in the right spot and open to new people learning my story.
2. I scrapbooked.  After years of drought – this is truly a victory.  And its all because of the amazing scrapbooking community of which I often write and link.  Especially Stacy Julian and BigPictureClasses.com
1. Last year was a transitional year.  I’m exceedingly happy with the progress I made and where I’m going.  I’ve got a lot to learn, but I’m on the right track.


Welcome January and New Beginnings

Welcome 2011!  The theme for the blog this month is New Beginnings.  I plan to highlight stories and thoughts about beginning again, whether with relationships, career, friendships, or goals.  Do you have a good story to share?  I’d love to hear it!

I’m thrilled to have started the new year off with such a great day.  Not only did I accomplish a lot, but I surprised myself a little with a two mile run tonight.  I actually felt pretty amazing when I was finished, and even though I know that the temps will drop again here in Pittsburgh (today had a high in the 50’s!!!), I think I’d like to begin a running adventure.

I’ve started two new classes over at Big Picture both being taught by Ali Edwards: One Little Word and Yesterday & Today.  It took me awhile to decide if I wanted to take on the commitment of yesterday and today: it appears to be a pretty intense class.  But after a recommendation from scrapblogger Cathy Zielski, I felt it was a good class to attempt this winter.

And finally, my first day with my #olw (One Little Word), abundance, felt pretty good.  I approached my work, my run, and my interaction with family with  the abundance.  Today that meant energy, honesty, and intensity.  And when I got bogged down mid-afternoon, as I often do, I pushed through it and had a great evening.  So here’s to abundance tomorrow. . . and a Pittsburgh Penguins win tonight!

Make Room for Abundance

I found it.  My One Little Word for 2011 is. . . Abundance.  It captures the way I want to live in all aspects of my life.  With an abundance of new ideas, creativity, love, and passion.  I want to really approach all aspects of my life with an abundance of whatever is required at the time.  Hopefully this word can remind me of the approach I hope to take in 2011.

Not only am I participating in Ali Edwards’ Big Picture class this year, but I’m also looking for additional ways to be inspired by my word.  I got this worksheet from Christine Kane.  It has good baseline questions to answer in order to get more acquainted with my word.  Looking forward to finding out what else is out there.

The Best Kind of Day

Today was the best kind of day.  I woke up feeling good, completed a few cleaning and organization projects, had lunch with a wonderful new friend, and scrapbooked.  It’s the last part that I’m particularly excited about tonight.  Amidst the craziness of December, my December Daily scrapbooking project (and my poor, lonely blog) didn’t get the attention I had intended.

So when I got to the bottom of my messy craft table tonight and found my December Daily base pages, I wondered if I should just throw in the towel and wait until next year.  After all, I hadn’t taken very many pictures and very few of my stories were specifically “Christmas” stories.

What made me decide to finish (or rather, start) the project was this video by scrapbooker Shimelle.  It helps me remember that my story is very important and that I do have something to say.  I’m a person who has important stories to tell.  I have an interesting life.  I won’t have a typical December Daily, but I will have my December Daily album.  And next year, I’ll be so happy to look back on the album, take note of the changes, and celebrate my progress.

I’m also very excited about my One Little Word for 2011.  If you’ve never heard about this project, check out Ali Edwards’ class over at Bigpictureclasses.com for more information.   While I’m not entirely sure what my word is going to be this year, I have an idea that I’m hoping to capture with it.  I want to live my life in 2011 in a rich and fulfilling way.  I want to dig deep and really enjoy my surroundings, friends, family, job and hobbies.  And while I know that life throws us unexpected situations, I feel like if I can choose a word to remind me of this intention, then I might stay encouraged to make this intention translate into action on a day-to-day basis.  What’s your little word for 2011?

Reflection Evening

Tonight is a reflection night. After a busy day of checking things off “The List,” I’m glad to be able to just be alone with my thoughts. I’m making a lot of lists, planning loosely, and dreaming a little. What do you want 2011 to look like? Envision it. Make it reality.