Gratitude Project

Welcome to my new blog.  I’m calling it, Eryn Says… I’m excited about it.  I’m encouraged by its possibilities.  And most of all, I’m pretty sure that the third time really is the charm.  I’ve tried to blog twice before, and both times, I’ve stopped not long after starting.  Recently, I thought pretty hard about my last attempt, specifically about why I couldn’t sustain a blog longer than a week or two.  I determined that…

1) I was expecting too much of myself.  I simply cannot edit a multi-paragraph post every night.

2) I didn’t know who I was writing for or what purpose my blog was supposed to be serving, be it personally or in cyberspace.

And finally, the biggest reason.

3) My blog did not connect my life in the way I had hoped.

I want to connect all my interest fluidly into this space.  I need a single platform to express all of my thoughts and feelings.  And I want relevance, everyday, practical relevance.  This time I’ve come up with a solution to all three problems.

1) I will post everyday.  Some days will be a thoughtfully written post (like this one).  Some days, a list.  (I love lists!)  Other days, I’ll post personal photos or photos of the art/scrapbooking projects I’m working on.  Posting everyday is important to me, but this time, and hopefully this time, I’ve found a way to get past the editing block.

2) I know why I’m writing.  I have thoughts and feelings I need to express.  I’m writing this for me.  Maybe someone besides my mother will read my blog. …. Awesome… Hopefully, my mother actually will.

3) This blog will connect my world.  It will be “hot-linked” to things I’m reading, products I love, blogs I enjoy, photography that inspires me.  It will showcase my scrapbooking projects.  It will allow me to put my thoughts on “paper” and start to find my voice.  And to begin, there’s the Gratitude Project.

There is a story behind this project. I went to Target on Halloween to buy a fall or Thanksgiving tablecloth.  I didn’t want something ultra fancy, just colorful and made from a decent quality fabric (We’re not at a picnic; no vinyl thank you.)  Those were the basic requirements.  Fabric.  Colorful.  As I wandered merrily through the isles on my search (finding treasures along the way, of course!), I realized something.  It was Christmas at Target.  Only the final calendar day of October, and it was Christmas already.  I walked away from Target without a tablecloth, but for some reason, I had a renewed sense of gratefulness.  I was mindful of the fact that we skip Thanksgiving and that this year, I wasn’t going to skip forward to Christmas.  I realized something that morning; it is time for me to be more grateful and to express that gratefulness.  I can’t make others honor the spirit of November and Thanksgiving, but to riff on Tiny Tim, “I will honor… “Thanksgiving” … in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”

So the Gratitude Project was born. It’s a layered project.  I’ll continue including the daily lists you may have noticed in the previous few posts.  I’ll edit some of my longhand thoughts and share them here.  I’ll photograph the physical scrapbook I’m putting together and talk about how my feelings of thankfulness translate in my scrapbooks.  And I’ll share links to other people who have the same attitude or are doing interesting things in a related fashion. If you’d like to join me by working on your own project, sharing your comments here, or simply by being more grateful of the people and things in your world, please do.  It would be nice to strengthen the spirit of Thanksgiving.


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