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The Best Kind of Day

Today was the best kind of day.  I woke up feeling good, completed a few cleaning and organization projects, had lunch with a wonderful new friend, and scrapbooked.  It’s the last part that I’m particularly excited about tonight.  Amidst the craziness of December, my December Daily scrapbooking project (and my poor, lonely blog) didn’t get the attention I had intended.

So when I got to the bottom of my messy craft table tonight and found my December Daily base pages, I wondered if I should just throw in the towel and wait until next year.  After all, I hadn’t taken very many pictures and very few of my stories were specifically “Christmas” stories.

What made me decide to finish (or rather, start) the project was this video by scrapbooker Shimelle.  It helps me remember that my story is very important and that I do have something to say.  I’m a person who has important stories to tell.  I have an interesting life.  I won’t have a typical December Daily, but I will have my December Daily album.  And next year, I’ll be so happy to look back on the album, take note of the changes, and celebrate my progress.

I’m also very excited about my One Little Word for 2011.  If you’ve never heard about this project, check out Ali Edwards’ class over at for more information.   While I’m not entirely sure what my word is going to be this year, I have an idea that I’m hoping to capture with it.  I want to live my life in 2011 in a rich and fulfilling way.  I want to dig deep and really enjoy my surroundings, friends, family, job and hobbies.  And while I know that life throws us unexpected situations, I feel like if I can choose a word to remind me of this intention, then I might stay encouraged to make this intention translate into action on a day-to-day basis.  What’s your little word for 2011?


Reflection Evening

Tonight is a reflection night. After a busy day of checking things off “The List,” I’m glad to be able to just be alone with my thoughts. I’m making a lot of lists, planning loosely, and dreaming a little. What do you want 2011 to look like? Envision it. Make it reality.

5 More Days

There are 5 full days left in 2010.  And while that seems pretty hard to believe, I’m incredibly thankful that I’ve almost made it through another year.  On the blog this week, I’ll be working through my final to-do list of 2010 and doing a bit of reflecting on my year.

My “Final To-Do List of 2010” is stored in my Evernote account.  Do you use Evernote?  You should!  I love that it can store almost anything digitally, from pictures and hand written notes to internet clippings and emails.  I sometimes forward emails directly to my Evernote account (all my December Daily inspirational emails for example).  The web clipper for Chrome lets me clip webpages,  digital receipts that I don’t want to print, great photos, recipes or stories that inspire me without leaving the page.  Best of all, it’s Completely Free! *While I do choose to pay for the program because I like the upgrades I get (pdf file save among others) and I like to support my favorite products and companies, the free version is a fully functioning program that is compatible across pc and mac, most browsers, and many smart phones.  If I made a Top 10 list for 2010 (which come to think of it, I should!), Evernote would be on the list.

So what of this to-do list?  Looking at it now, I realize that a lot of the things I put on it were related to my December Daily scrapbooking project.  And how did that project go?  Ok, pretty badly.  But I have 5 days, lots of memories, some great pictures and the inspiration to work on it during the remainder of this month.  I’ve also decided that I’m ok with an imperfect 1st attempt.  I’ll try it again next year and maybe I’ll have more “daily” success.

Back to the list.  There are a lot of things not on it yet, and my next task is to do a complete brain dump.  I love brain dumps.  I sit in front of my screen and type everything I think of in a stream of consciousness style.  Sometimes, I can make a list with my thoughts.  Sometimes its just a string of ramblings.  I’m excited to see how much I can tackle before 2011.  Stay tuned….

Christmas Eve at Lee’s

I have the most wonderful neighbor Lee.  She’s an older gal, but young at heart, with a quick wit and sharp tongue.  I love her like the grandmother I’ve never had.  We are the same in many ways, Lee and I.  We’ve both been married to rich men who treated us rotten.  We’ve both left those men in a manner than did nothing for our well being.  And we both love life and see great possibilities ahead of us, despite the struggles in our backgrounds.

For Lee, it means loving a wonderful man who she’s loved for decades (and only recently become free to “be with”), while struggling through the health troubles that come from being in her 80’s.  For me, it means preparing to love a man with reckless abandon, completely aware of the risks and the hurt that could come on the other side of the love.

And then there is Lee’s lovely daughter, Kimmy.  She’s a wonderful women who loves art and opera, and who is quite firm in her beliefs about the way the world should work.  And Lee and I listen to her stories and struggles from a similar perspective, both having been there – only Lee a little longer.  And I watch her take in our perspectives and grow, change, and consider new ideas.  Her future is so bright.  I love watching her realize that fact.

This is the second Christmas Eve I’ve spent with these wonderful women.  And in many ways, they are the family I’ve never had.  A grandmother and a sister.  Tonight there was great food, hilarious stories, and wonderful fun.  I wasn’t lonely tonight, because Kim and Lee were there to share the evening.  I’m incredibly thankful for my wonderful neighbors.  I am so hopeful that I get to know them more in 2011.  Here’s to wonderful neighbors and Christmas Eve.

Shake it Up…

I’ve really been enjoying music lately and taking full advantage of my iPod and Pandora.  And while I typically find out about new music via iTunes, surprisingly, two of my current favorites I learned about on TV.  I don’t like watching TV shows live.  I prefer Hulu or Netflix primarily because I can view on “my schedule”, but also because I’m not a huge fan of commercials (who is unless its the Super Bowl?).  But the first song I’m lovin’ was featured on Coca-Cola’s Christmas commercial, the “Coke Xmas Anthem.”  Train’s Shake Up Christmas.  Pretty hott track.  And its catchy.  Can’t get it out of my head.

Next up, Mariah Carey’s new Christmas album, Merry Christmas II You.  The first album, released back in 1994 can probably be considered a classic by now, and I love that album.  I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about this new album.  But its in the rotation because I’m trying to let it grow on me.  Favorite track so far is her version of Auld Lang Syne.

And finally, a victory lap for Committed, this year’s “Sing-Off” winner.  I love their smooth sounds and tight harmonies, and I’m very excited they were selected as the winning group.  I’ll definitely buy their music.  Unlike typical reality shows, this show was pretty classy, all the groups were talented and well prepared, and thankfully – the network didn’t draw it out for months.  3 weeks was just about the perfect time frame to hold my attention and keep me entertained.  So from Committed, it’s the their version of Apologize.  Lovin’ this track…