Project Food Budget: Week 6

So this week was a whirlwind week of emotional transition and lots of positive surprises.  And coupled with poor planning and the need for expensive items,  I was way over budget this week.  Whoa.

Budget Goal: $40
Budget Actual: $125.06

Trader Joe’s: $26.40
Market District: $48.90
Wine & Spirits: $13.00?  Lost the receipt
Pizza: $28.00
Lunch out: $8.76

I learned that these items are expensive:  Coffee ($13.99 – I’m tracking how long it lasts me.  My guess is three weeks), Dish Soap & Dishwasher Detergent ($9.99 – Knew these were expensive, but forgot that I’d have to buy them again someday), and take out pizza ($28.00 – Granted I bought 2 over the course of the week and there was much leftover which was nice), but yeah.  Wow, that was a bad week.

I also bought a lot of berries this week to entertain some girlfriends.  I’m not complaining about this one bit, because it was so wonderful to entertain!  I wish I’d have been a bit more selective about the amount of berries I purchased because I’m still swimming in berries, but oh well!  They are tasty and I had fun!

Week 7 Budget: $40

I learned a couple lessons as after living through this week.
One, I’ve got to make sure the things on my menu for the week actually sound interesting to me.  If they don’t, I won’t want to eat them/make them.
Two, life happens.  Some weeks you’ve got to punt and get through it, knowing that the awesome weeks in the past and the awesome ones to come will even out the extra costs from a bad week.  I’m also reminded that this used to be nearly every week’s expenditure — oh how far I’ve come.
Three, the freezer is my friend.  Having a few healthy meal options (not frozen jalapeno popper pretzel bites, Eryn) would have been a godsend this week.  I’m going to keep that in mind over the weekends when I’d have the option to make and freeze a few things.

This week will be great and I’m excited to jump back into a low budget, better planned week.

Want to jump in where you are and get started with Project Food Budget?  Check out this link for all the details:  There are some really great people participating in the challenge, so to learn more about the project, check out their efforts:

Week 37 Participating blogs: 


2 responses to “Project Food Budget: Week 6

  1. Yeah, sometimes you just can’t help but go over! It’s those “needed-once-in-awhile items that do you in! Enjoy your week!

  2. I have weeks like that too. But, I technically don’t count the dish soap and detergent in with the food. That’s a separate budget to me…

    As for the berries, I tend to freeze them for smoothies later in the week if they are about to go bad, or I know that I can’t use them in time. Seems to prevent wasted fruit!

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