Project: Food Budget Week 3

This was a great week!  I used a lot of the things I had on hand and started to develop my essential pantry list.  I’ve used one in the past, but have found that I purchased things I never used, even though they were “essential.”  So I’ve realized that I can create my own and that it can be exactly what works for me.

I shopped at Target and Trader Joe’s this week.  At Target, I bought toothpaste and sponges (which are expensive!).  At Trader Joe’s, I bought ingredients for a pizza and also some really great eggs, organic and cage free, which made me feel good.  I also bought myself flowers; they make me happy every time I see them and are totally worth the money!

Week 2 Budget: $30
Week 2 Actual: $31.17

Week 3 Budget: $30

I made a Thai Chicken Pizza last night and its was really very good.  It was my first time making homemade pizza from start to finish, though it was something we did often.  I went a little crazy with the flour and forgot to add the water to the peanut sauce, so it didn’t spread especially well, but it was delicious anyway!  So here’s my result:

My first attempt at Make at Home Pizza

And here is my recipe for the Peanut Sauce.  It’s so amazing, you could eat it on ice cream (just remember to add the water)!

There are some really great foodies participating in the challenge, so for more budget-friendly tips, check out their efforts:
Week 35 Participating blogs: 

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