It’s the Little Things I Love

1.  I love that there are still gentlemen in the world that will make a girl they fancy a home cooked dinner.  Bonus points for candlelight.
2.  Dependable jewelry.  On mornings where I need a quick bit of sparkle, I know my pink sparkle studs and necklace will do the trick.
3.  I love the sounds of a well played jazz trumpet and was glad to have discovered Nicholas Payton yesterday on my Chris Botti Pandora Station.  And speaking of Pandora.  I love Pandora 1.  So worth the money for unlimited play, no ads, and greater customization.
4.  I also love a mournful yet driving cello.  Looking forward to seeing Honeck conduct Beethoven’s Masterpieces this Sunday at the Pittsburgh Symphony.
5.  Anticipation of Yoga with Nikki tonight at 5:45.  There’s nothing like the promise of a little hot yoga to encourage me through my day.   You should check out Amazing Yoga; slowly changing my life.

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