Two Great Days Followed by Blah

I hate when I have two great days in a row, only to have the final day of the work week be a down day.  Can’t I negotiate how these days fall?  Why couldn’t I have good (Thursday) and good (Friday) so I could be pushed forward into a good weekend.  Why did I need to have a blah day today?

I’m mentally exhausted by Friday afternoon, and it probably makes me sound pretty dorky and old, but I like nothing more than going to bed early on Friday night.  Like 9pm early.  Sometimes I read or watch podcasts.  Sometimes I just fall into a deep sleep.

So a blah Friday, well that only increases my desire to go to bed early.  But sadly, its not much of a pleasure on blah Friday’s as it is on positive, upbeat, happy Fridays.  It’s desperation.  Like I’m going to ruin my whole weekend if I don’t get some relief quickly, so my only option is an early bedtime.  And invites for Friday night, despite their appeal, usually get passed over on blah Fridays.  I will sacrifice fun for relief.

But then I look at the weekend and I’m encouraged.  If I can just wake up on Saturday morning (preferably early) I can have a weekend.  I can catch up, write and enjoy social time so much more.  So it’s not a total loss, if I can catch up on Friday night, I can definitely turn it around.  Here’s to catch up.

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