Organize Everything…

I’ve been looking for ways to make my life simpler.  I have a 2 jobs, stuff intensive hobbies, new friendships and grad school ~ lots of things pulling at me.  I’m trying to come up with some organizational solutions and solve tiny problems that add up to big messes.  What can I change or do differently to forget less, accomplish more, and feel generally at peace day to day?  Today I determined that I have a lot of tools in place and below, I want to highlight my Top 5.

Quick abundance update.  My #olw has really been sticking with me so far this month.  Last week, it pushed me to take a few risks and seek positive change.  This week, I’m hoping to let it guide me towards unlocking my cheerful spirit again.  I’m looking to have a focused work week, free of complaining and feelings of overwhelm.  I’ll use my resources to the best of my ability and work towards finding my organizational center.  Part of living with abundance for me is using my resources wisely.  I have a lot of organizational resources, and I need to set them to up to maximize my potential.

My Top 5 Organizational Resources
1. Evernote – I’ve said it before, but this is a real gem of a program.  I remembered just today asking my x to build this program for me, in 2005!  I knew I needed something just like Evernote over 5 years ago, and I need it even more now!  I’m looking to push evernote to the limit this week!
2. Dropbox – If you dont’ have a Dropbox, get one!  It’s another free product and an awesome tool to use if you often need to access a saved file from multiple computers.  Dropbox has become the equivalent to “My Documents,” only synced to all my computers and devices as well as web based.  It’s so handy to find a document you need in your dropbox, especially when you thought you’d “left it at home!”
3.  Google Docs and Gmail – I really use these two programs mostly for work.  I have personal gmail addresses, but I dont utilize the Priority Inbox, Star, and Labeling systems for those inboxes in the same way as I do at work.   I just read an article over at Lifehacker about using gmail superstars and quick links to make a killer to-do list.  I’m going to get that better organized this week to maximize productive work minutes that have been coming so sparingly lately.
4. iPhone 4 – I have to mention my iPhone on this list.  Not only are Evernote and Dropbox completely synced through iPhone apps, but I’m able to arrange my apps in an order that makes sense for how I work and what’s important.  I rearranged everything today, creating folders on my phone for apps that are similar and less commonly used, and I’m hoping to see a little productivity boost.  I’m also constantly on the lookout for a new app that will bring better content or organization to my life.
5.  Scanner – I found a really great printer/scanner over the summer that I’m extremely happy with.  It’s a Canon Pixma MP560, and it prints and scans like a dream.  It has beautiful color printing for photos, can batch scan documents and quickly save to variety of formats, it can print wirelessly and from external memory, and yes, it has an app for my iPhone.  The scanning feature is a real help, because as I work to go paperless more and more, it helps me achieve that goal in a very organized fashion!

What organizational resources do you use and love?  Leave a comment and share your Top 5!

2 responses to “Organize Everything…

  1. Hi Eryn,

    Although we use Dropbox at Chatham, I basically use Gmail as my Dropbox. I just email myself every document and it’s there whenever I need to access it. It saves me a step.

    I don’t know what your intensive hobbies are, but one trick I used to use to buy myself more time for writing is I picked a tv show I c0uld live without. Which at the time was “Lost.” Instead of watching it at 9 PM on Thursday, I used that time to write every week.

  2. Hey Robert!

    Thanks for the suggestion! I love gmail and dropbox, but keep a backup copy in gmail ins’t a bad idea at all!

    The TV idea is a great one too! I came up with a great idea for a children’s book the other day, and between 750 words and an hour of time here or there, I think I may just write it! 🙂 Thanks for reading and for your great tips!

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