Haircut, Thai Food, and True Grit

Tonight I was lucky enough to have my hair cut with an amazing artist, Leigh Crepe, owner of Salon Boheme.  I was fortunate enough to find her salon back in 2004 and when I returned to Pittsburgh in spring of 2009, I was immediately her client again.  The thing about Leigh is that no matter what your hair looks like going in, she always gives you the right cut to help it look good for days to come.  Call her: 412-362-8585.  You won’t be sorry.

And from Leigh’s I headed to girl’s night with A.  It was so awesome to see her after the weeks she spent traveling around the country.  We had fantastic Thai food at Bangkok Balcony.  Then we headed over to the adorable little Manor Theatre in Squirrel Hill to see True Grit.  I was pretty skeptical about the movie prior to seeing it, and I wasn’t crazy about the ending, but it was a pretty great story and incredibly well done.  I won’t be sorry to see it get some attention come Oscar time.

And because I’m a little link happy, here are a few things I read over the last few days.

How To Be Yourself | via The Art of Non-Comformity

How to REALLY Get Things Done | via Foolish Adventure Podcast

Mika the Old English Sheepdog | via


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