Abundance Didn’t Live Here Today

I complained a lot today.  I did a lot of things without a good attitude today.  I didn’t focus on living my life with abundance.  I let other people bother me.  And I recognize that it was my choice to remain mentally in that place all day.  I’m voicing my disappointment with how I acted today in words because I want the words to haunt me tomorrow.  I want to remember the bad day so I can try to redirect tomorrow.

Tonight I focused on re-aligning my priorities.  I did a few things I didn’t want to do, but really needed to complete.  Welcome satisfaction!  I had a conversation with a friend and tried to moderate my approach and response when I realized I was pushing his buttons.  Welcome giving attitude and friendship!  I read and watched a few things around the internet that gave me a mini spark.  Welcome creativity!

I think I have a voice in my head that asks me for perfection everyday.  I’m so, so very far from perfect, but yet it asks me daily.  I think I’d like to retrain it this year to ask for abundance.  I want that positive One Little Word that I chose to resonate on days like this.  Maybe after a few weeks or months of focusing on abundance, I’ll have the power to shift a day like this mid course, to really adjust my attitude and take the day in a more positive and abundant direction mid stream.  That’s what I want from #olw this year.

And now, the first in a series of photographs of my paper whites.  They were a lovely gift from a wonderful friend.  When they came here on Monday, they were very small bulbs, with almost no green peeking out.  In just 4 days they’ve really started to grow.  Apparently the bulbs will flower and smell very good.  I’m looking forward to that little ray of sunshine in these very grey Pittsburgh days.

Paper Whites - Day 4 at Eryn's Place

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