A Simple Evening #olw

There are a lot of simple pleasures in life.  For me, one of the greatest is coming home from a long, challenging day to a simple, easy going evening.  Tonight was relaxing and beautiful.  A simple dinner, some good wine, and some great company.

I really can’t express how good it is to be able to laugh and talk with someone about non-important things.  No life or death.  Just easy conversation, funny stories, and an understanding that serious discussion really isn’t necessary.  There’s no pressure to make insightful chatter.  That’s refreshing, especially after a long day stuffed full of “important.”

I think that living a life of abundance means recognizing and appreciating nights like these.  The important things of the day can be put aside and the focus can shift to just enjoying a low-key evening.  My mind slowed down and wasn’t racing with thoughts.  I didn’t check my work email, and I didn’t worry for a single moment whether I had missed a text or phone call.  The focus was just on companionship, de-stressing, and simplicity.  Abundance for today was all about enjoying this simple evening.

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