Stuff I’m Reading & 3 Quotes

Abundance took me on quite a journey over the past 24 hours.  And while I’m still gathering my thoughts on what happened and what was said, I know that I was honest, told the best truth I know, and loved as openly as I could.  And that’s exactly what I hope for.  And maybe tomorrow I’ll know how it all turns out, but probably not.  This life’s a journey and I’m all about going along for this ride.

So for now, Eryn Says. . . enjoy a little bit of reading and inspiration.

15 Surfire Ways to Impress Others | via Becoming Minimalist

I Am | via the amazing Kelly Hampton of Enjoying the Small Things

The Expectations Trap | via Psychology Today

I love the show In Plain Sight.  I don’t know who writes the closing monologue that character Mary Shannon delivers, but they are brilliant.  Here are two of my favorites from Season 3 Episode 10 called “Her Days are Numbered.”

“I need you to trust me.  I know it’s not easy, it’s a gamble, everything is.  I think you should gamble on me. . . I might not be the best person, but I’m a good bet.”

“Trust anything, your family, your instincts, the dim witted anger on the 10:00 news, it’s all a gamble with plenty of promises and no guarentees.  But I’m finding the longer I live, no matter how often I fall on my face, that folding’s for losers; winners take hits.  Call it going all in.  Call it rolling the dice.  Screw hedging your bets.  Bluff, raise, call, stand.  Again and again and again.”

And then one from Ali Edwards, taken from her first video in her Yesterday & Today course.

“Our lives are imperfect.
Our pasts are imperfect.
Our handwriting is imperfect.
Our glue is imperfect.
Our photos and memoires are imperfect.
Everything about our lives is imperfect.  And that is perfectly ok.
It’s something we all share that makes us human, allows us to support one another, thereby enriching the totality of life experience.”


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