A Quick Look Back

Before I can properly address my own New Beginnings, I feel like its important to take a look back to 2010.  What lessons did I learn?  Where did I triumph?  What changes need to be made?  So here is 2010 in 10. . .

10. I found all kinds of success at work last year.  I came up with lots of creative new ideas and formed good connections.  I’m proud of the things I accomplished.
9. I formed a handful of new friendships last year with fabulous people.  I really care about my friends.
8. I tried to embrace each season for what it was.  It was hot, but I tried not to complain.  It was cold and I put on a sweater.
7. I learned that sometimes I need to turn off my rational brain and turn on my sensitive brain.  Sometimes saying how I really feel makes more of an impact than saying what I really think.
6. I’m proud of my blog.  It connects me to my own life and helps me make larger external connections.
5. I learned how fragile my mom really is this year.  And I’m not taking her presence on earth for granted.  Not for One. Single. Second.
4. I determined that I do want to get married and have a family.  This was a big determination for me.  I’m not rushing to make it happen, but I’m happy to know it’s something to look forward to someday.
3. To that end, I got back into the dating world.  And it feels good this time, like I’m in the right spot and open to new people learning my story.
2. I scrapbooked.  After years of drought – this is truly a victory.  And its all because of the amazing scrapbooking community of which I often write and link.  Especially Stacy Julian and BigPictureClasses.com
1. Last year was a transitional year.  I’m exceedingly happy with the progress I made and where I’m going.  I’ve got a lot to learn, but I’m on the right track.

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