Welcome January and New Beginnings

Welcome 2011!  The theme for the blog this month is New Beginnings.  I plan to highlight stories and thoughts about beginning again, whether with relationships, career, friendships, or goals.  Do you have a good story to share?  I’d love to hear it!

I’m thrilled to have started the new year off with such a great day.  Not only did I accomplish a lot, but I surprised myself a little with a two mile run tonight.  I actually felt pretty amazing when I was finished, and even though I know that the temps will drop again here in Pittsburgh (today had a high in the 50’s!!!), I think I’d like to begin a running adventure.

I’ve started two new classes over at Big Picture both being taught by Ali Edwards: One Little Word and Yesterday & Today.  It took me awhile to decide if I wanted to take on the commitment of yesterday and today: it appears to be a pretty intense class.  But after a recommendation from scrapblogger Cathy Zielski, I felt it was a good class to attempt this winter.

And finally, my first day with my #olw (One Little Word), abundance, felt pretty good.  I approached my work, my run, and my interaction with family with  the abundance.  Today that meant energy, honesty, and intensity.  And when I got bogged down mid-afternoon, as I often do, I pushed through it and had a great evening.  So here’s to abundance tomorrow. . . and a Pittsburgh Penguins win tonight!


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