So Many Tabs

So many Chrome tabs open tonight.  In addition to trying to determine what my “One Little Word” for 2011 should be, I’ve been trying to decide what creative and/or personal projects I want to commit to working on this year.  Some will be monthly projects, others will be year long.  I’m trying to set realistic expectations of myself for the year.  There are some very important things I want to do, very important people I want to spend time with and lots of things really want to be sure to accomplish.  I want to take on the right amount so I’m fulfilled, not overwhelmed.

As I’ve been thinking about my word specifically, I’ve been trying to find one to capture an attitude of living with abundance.  But abundance isn’t quite the right word.  Fullness?  Richness?  Neither seem quite right.  I want to try to live with my eyes wide open and enjoy every part of my life as completely and fully as I can.  Work, love, friendship, creative work – I want to dig deep on all of this, really push for deeper connections and enjoyment.  But what’s an all encompassing word for this mindset?

Here’s my list so far…

dig/dig deep

I’ll have the word soon enough I’m sure.


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