Shake it Up…

I’ve really been enjoying music lately and taking full advantage of my iPod and Pandora.  And while I typically find out about new music via iTunes, surprisingly, two of my current favorites I learned about on TV.  I don’t like watching TV shows live.  I prefer Hulu or Netflix primarily because I can view on “my schedule”, but also because I’m not a huge fan of commercials (who is unless its the Super Bowl?).  But the first song I’m lovin’ was featured on Coca-Cola’s Christmas commercial, the “Coke Xmas Anthem.”  Train’s Shake Up Christmas.  Pretty hott track.  And its catchy.  Can’t get it out of my head.

Next up, Mariah Carey’s new Christmas album, Merry Christmas II You.  The first album, released back in 1994 can probably be considered a classic by now, and I love that album.  I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about this new album.  But its in the rotation because I’m trying to let it grow on me.  Favorite track so far is her version of Auld Lang Syne.

And finally, a victory lap for Committed, this year’s “Sing-Off” winner.  I love their smooth sounds and tight harmonies, and I’m very excited they were selected as the winning group.  I’ll definitely buy their music.  Unlike typical reality shows, this show was pretty classy, all the groups were talented and well prepared, and thankfully – the network didn’t draw it out for months.  3 weeks was just about the perfect time frame to hold my attention and keep me entertained.  So from Committed, it’s the their version of Apologize.  Lovin’ this track…


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