Our Instructors and Passion

I am passionate about working with the instructors in the English Department at Pitt.  If you ask them what my job is, they may not be able to tell you.  What I do is varied: depends on the day, the weather, and if the Steelers won.  But the foundation is always the same.  “My job is to make your job easier,” I’ll tell any instructor who asks me.  And its my passion to do this.  I want to help them ease administrative burden so they can teach, write and do what they are passionate about doing.

In a very inspiring conversation yesterday, I shared my vision.  You see, I have a vision.  And while I’m probably alone right now in this vision, I won’t be for long.  I have an idea that will put not only Pitt on the map creatively, but also the City of Pittsburgh.  There’s a lot of work to do and a lot of support I have yet to acquire.  But this is the benefit of being a faculty centered administrator. “My job is to make your job easier,” and I delight in knowing that as I do that, I’ll build the support I need for my vision.

The extent of this mission extends not only into the classroom, but into research and scholarship.  I want my instructors to be happy, give them time to be creative, and allow them to make the difference they hoped to make.  And I have a vision for where we should go.  And it all centers on them.  They know how to teach and impart a wisdom that I don’t.  They have the knowledge necessary to move us forward.  And I have the drive, passion, and broad perspective.  And we’ll get on the same page.  And we’ll get there.

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