Blogging in the Morning

I’ve had a really hard time blogging last week, well this whole month really.  Between school work and candy making, friends and the strong need to rest when I’m not out and about, my blog had to take a backseat.  I’m ok with this.  Because I’m only blogging for me, (though I really appreciate all my readers!), I have given myself permission to be gentle with myself.

One of the things I love about my job is that its very unpredictable.  Never is any day the same as the one that came before.  Certainly I do similar tasks, but the people change, the level of crisis changes, and new and unique challenges keep me on my toes.  And there are so many little things about my daily work life that’s worth celebrating.  For my December Daily album last week, I took pictures of all the delicious food that turns up in English.  Bagels, donuts, pastries, cookies, brownies, pizza, chocolates… the list goes on.  My little slogan last week was, “Come work in English, we’ll feed you, especially at Christmas!”

When I was feeling like my December was pretty boring, and like I had very little to document, I just looked around me.  The people, students, and wonderful friends I have around me everyday are such a blessing.  And it all deserves a space in my December Daily album – or at least some album – because I won’t remember the small details forever.  So, as soon as I have a free moment, those are some of the stories I’m going to tell on the pages of my December Daily.  On the blog this week, in the morning, I’ll be sharing some of those stories too.  Hope you tune in!

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