Five Things

1.  I am absolutely loving the new 1 minute :30 second previews on iTunes.  I can actually get a feel for the album, and am much more likely to buy after knowing for sure I like all the songs.

2. I am super behind with my December Daily project.  I am absolutely ok with this.  Life happens.  I’m taking pictures.  I’m taking notes.  I’ll put together some awesome things as soon as I’m done with the crazy.

3. I had a great time hanging out with one of my students this evening, getting to know her a little better.  We went downtown to Wintergarden and checked out the gingerbread houses, Santas exhibit and the model trains.  It was at neat as I remember it being back in 2005.

Tree at PPG Place

4. I don’t remember the Clementines I bought last year having seeds.  Also, peppermint mochas are a gift from the Christmas gods.  So is my peppermint crunch.

5.  One of my guilty pleasures is going to bed early on a Friday night.  I work hard enough during the week that I feel like I deserve it.  So with that…  happy weekend!

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