December 7th

My December 7th page is actually an envelope lined with sticker snowflakes on the inside.  After today, it now contains a letter I wrote to myself.  The idea is that next year, on December 7th, I’ll not only open and read this letter, but respond to it in a 2011 edition.  I wrote to myself very honestly, asking questions about my future, commenting on my present, and asking questions on what will be my past very soon.  I hope that next year I’ll remember some details that would have otherwise been forgotten and feel encouraged by my progress.

The front of the envelope has today’s date and a portion of my to-do list for the day/week/month.  Honestly, if I checked everything off the list by the end of this week, I’d have a much nicer holiday season.  My goal really is to enjoy this Christmas season, so I’m really looking to check things off this list as quickly as possible!  I was really thankful for a simple and heartfelt December 7th page.  And while I work to catch up on Days 1-4 and 6, I’m going to try to stay current for the rest of this month.  Hope you’re encouraged to jump in where you are and document your December 7th!

Front of Envelope with To-Do List

Inside of Envelope with Snowflake Lining

Back of Envelope with Sticker Seal/Closure


3 responses to “December 7th

  1. I found your link on Ali’s blog and just wanted to say that I love your letter idea! I’m going to try and write one sometime this month and add it to my album. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Eryn~
    I posted it to the December Daily flickr group here. Left page: and right page:
    Thanks again for the great inspiration!!

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