Thoughts on Thanksgiving

I was extremely disappointed by two things today in respect to Thanksgiving.

1) Why is it that Michael’s Arts & Crafts feels the need to be open on Thanksgiving Day?  Yes friends, the corporate headquarters of Michael’s Arts & Craft’s decided to open from 5-9 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.  I find this completely unnecessary.

Eryn Says…  I do not care how badly I want to craft on Thanksgiving.  Regardless of whether I ran out of adhesive or feel the need to buy beads and glitter, I am not going shopping on Thanksgiving.  This only encourages our consumer tendencies and works to erase or eliminate all that Thanksgiving Day should be set aside to cherish.  It’s about being thankful for what we have.  It’s not a day to consume more, spend more, or keep others (employees) from spending time with their families and celebrating the day.  Isn’t Black Friday soon enough?  Must we really invade the one day we have set aside for gratitude?

2) Why did people say “Happy Holidays” today instead of “Happy Thanksgiving?”  Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday, its a humanity holiday.  If you don’t celebrate it that’s your choice.  But I fail to see any reason why you wouldn’t.  If you say “Happy Holidays” to me, I’m going to reply “Happy Thanksgiving” to you.

Eryn Says… “I will honor… “Thanksgiving” … in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”  Again riffed from Tiny Tim (and Dickens of course).

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