What I’ve Been Reading…

I spend a lot of my day on the internet, clicking on links and exploring my interests in greater detail via sites all over the web.  Since I’ve been focused on Thanksgiving and gratitude this month, I’ve found many connections to this topic on blogs, facebook, twitter and google.  Here are a few that caught my eye because of their potential for application in my daily life.  These are practical ideas anyone could start implementing today.

Ali Edwards ~ Write.Click. Scrapbook Guest Post In this post, scrapbooker Ali Edwards writes about gratefulness, and about keeping the logistics and craziness of Thanksgiving Day from getting in the way of remembering to be grateful.  I especially love this line, “Reframe the situation for yourself and rather than get frustrated, get thankful.”  ~Ali Edwards

Weekly Gratitude ~ Catalogs Catalogs are a funny thing to be grateful for, and sometimes, exist only as an unwanted piece of postal mail.  But I’m grateful for the inspiration I receive from catalogs, and they are something I’d never even think to write about.  I know that paper catalogs aren’t the most environmentally friendly, and I do make a point to recycle them, but I find good ideas and so many inspiration bursts come from paging through them, that I hesitate to be taken off of mailing lists.

This same blog has been posting about gratitude for the entire year, and offers free templates and an instructional video that will empower you to create your own weekly gratitude pages digitally.

ThxThxThx What an awesome idea.  This blogger, I believe, has a true sense of what it means to be grateful for the little things.

Across the Endless River And finally, an interesting post from the Barnes and Noble Book Club Blog relating to Thanksgiving and the founding of our country.  While they is no specific action to be taken here, awareness about the intricacies stemming from the founding of our country is never a bad thing.

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