Gratitude Journal – ErynatPitt Edition

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

  • Heather Kresge: her talent, presence, and sense of humor
  • A*’s level’s head
  • My AWESOME freshman studies class
  • The mentorship process
  • My UTA, without whom I would have drown during my first FS1 semester of being a “Real Teacher”

4 responses to “Gratitude Journal – ErynatPitt Edition

  1. I do believe amazing is too weak of a word. : )

    • I definitely had a great time. I hope everyone enjoyed it! I think that next year can be even better! I have a good idea of what I want to do again now that I’ve been through it once, and feel like I have a sense of what works. I hope we get to work together too, because your ideas will be an awesome addition I’m certain! It would be great fun!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I’m sure everyone else did too. You were such an amazing teacher; my friends were all so jealous because I bragged about you and the class so much. I did talk to the one guy afterwards and he took my name and email address for the TA spot. He said that after I get hired I can request you and then we just work on scheduling. So needless to say, I’m keeping my schedule open after 5 in the fall. : ). We will so have to meet up for coffee or lunch or something before then!

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